Under the “Fair Game” project, journalists will be trained in six of the country’s cities

Training for journalists and distribution of the Handbook for Sports Organizations are part of the activities of the “Fair Play” project of the “Bokaya” association, which will start from the beginning of next month. The activity envisages the training of 50+ journalists through workshops, as well as the distribution of the Handbook for Sports Organizations, developed for the project. Meetings will be held on site in the cities of Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, Vidin and Ruse. The training program envisages, through discussions and sharing experiences, how to avoid the use of language that normalizes gender-based violence in sport. Through these trainings, sports journalists will increase their skills in prevention and combating the problem. The distribution of the Handbook, containing rules for preventing and combating gender-based violence in sports, will take place during discussion meetings with coaches and representatives of sports club managements in the listed settlements. As a result of the activity, it is expected that 100 club coaches/managers will take part in the meetings directly and commit to implementing the rules outlined in the Handbook. The latter will be presented and coordinated with experts from the National Sports Academy and the Ministry of Youth and Sports in order to engage these institutions in its promotion at a later stage. 6 half-day workshops for journalists are planned in the 6 towns (Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, Vidin and Ruse), with 8-10 participants each. An interactive program will be implemented that includes exercises to analyze texts, identify hidden (or overt) discriminatory messages, develop skills in using gender-neutral language and promote the concept of “fair play” (which excludes all forms of violence) in sports news. During the visits to the selected cities, meetings will also be organized with coaches and representatives of sports club management to present the Handbook for sports organizations and the rules for the prevention of gender-based violence in sports.