The Fair Play communication and advocacy strategy will define the content of the communication program against gender-based violence in sports

In the Communication and Advocacy Strategy, developed under the “Fair Play” project, the volume and content of a long-term communication program, corresponding to the development of a program and plan, are defined. They cover all stakeholders related to the issue of gender-based violence in sport. Communication is conditionally divided into three stages and follows the natural course of its implementation in the country.

During the first stage, which is defined as the start of the campaign /2022 – 2023/, a systematized and targeted communication policy will be launched towards all target groups, including members of the general public and media. The communication approach, in terms of the channels used and the messages, is strictly specific to each one of them and will be tailored to their level of awareness.

The second stage, indeed named /2024 – 2025/ will be characterized by numerous activities that will, on the one hand, lead to the activation of potential beneficiaries, the structures of sports organizations at the local and central level, and the generation of new knowledge about the current situation in Bulgaria regarding gender-based violence in sport. On the other hand, it provides transparency and will help to reinforce the positive image of responsible institutions implementing a decisive and effective policy on gender-based violence in sport. The main emphasis in communication will be successful examples and good practices in the implementation of such a policy.

The final third – final stage /2026-2027/ – will present the overall results of the previous campaigns and their effectiveness regarding gender-based violence in sports. The emphasis of this stage will be the promotion of achievements, communication of the results of the previous periods and preparation for the next steps and actions against gender-based violence in sports.

The communication and advocacy strategy defines the scope and content of a long-term communication program that corresponds to the development of the current program and plan and covers all affected sides. Given the specificity of communication activities and their results, it is possible that the periods thus described may overlap at certain times. Special efforts will be made to easily adapt the information and training, experience and professional orientation to the individual target groups. The dissemination of information will not be a single occurrence, on the contrary – it is a process that follows the implementation of this activity.