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Bokaya Association and Bilitis Foundation – we held an information event on the project “Fair Play” in Vidin.

More than 60 representatives of the non-governmental sector, the media, sports clubs and young people took part in an information event today. The event is part of the activities of the Fair Play project, which is implemented by the NGO Bokaya, in partnership with Foundation Bilitis Resource Center, and with the financial support of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under the Active Citizens Fund of Bulgaria within the financial mechanism of the European Economic Area EEA 2014-2021. The thematic priority is № 4: “Increasing the contribution of civil society organizations to gender equality and preventing gender-based violence”.

The project addresses a problem that is not talked about in our country: discrimination based on gender and gender identity, and violence based on gender in sports. Before the participants in the information meeting today, the project manager Boris Nedyalkov presented the project “Fair Play”, the activities planned for implementation and the expected results. The meeting was attended online by the co-chair of the Foundation Bilitis Resource Center – Pol Naidenov, who presented some of the ideas, initiatives and results of the study on the project. Miroslav Lyudmilov and Valeri Borisov, part of the team, also joined in with their opinions on the project’s activities. The project aims to improve gender equality and help combat gender-based violence in sport. The main activities are: Rapid assessment of the situation through online research as a basis for developing a strategic communication campaign and advocacy for new policies. Creation and dissemination of a Handbook with Rules for Prevention and Combating Gender-Based Violence in Sport, coordinated and approved by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Trainings for sports journalists (50 from all over the country) and an information campaign aimed at athletes (5000), sports clubs (100+) and the general public are planned. The inclusion of the online and offline team in today’s information event helped to better disseminate the main messages of the project.