Information event for project Fair Play

In Vidin will be presented the initiative for “Fair Play” as sportsmanship, gender equality in sports and the influence of offensive language, which excludes all forms of gender-based violence.

The project addresses a problem that is not talked about in our country: discrimination based on gender and gender identity, and violence based on gender in sports.

Measures to tackle gender-based violence in sport are an integral part of measures to tackle violence against women and cover both professional and non-professional sports activities at all ages and levels, as recommended by the International Working Group on Women and Sport.

The approach of the project is through information, activation, change of understandings and behavior, to develop an active civil position to deal with this problem. Through it, vulnerable people (discriminated against and victims of gender-based violence in sports) will be empowered to talk about the problem.

The project aims to improve gender equality and help combat gender-based violence in sport.

The main activities are: Rapid assessment of the situation through online research as a basis for developing a strategic communication campaign and advocacy for new policies. Creation and dissemination of a Handbook with Rules for Prevention and Combating Gender-Based Violence in Sport, coordinated and approved by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Trainings for sports journalists (50 from all over the country) and information campaign aimed at athletes (5000), sports clubs (100+) and the general public (500000). The partners join forces to reach different audiences, incl. young people (over 80% of active athletes are young people), women from vulnerable groups (lesbians, bisexuals, transgender women – a target group with which the Bilitis Foundation works). The special events are expected to directly involve more than 500 people, and the social media campaign will reach more than 50,000 unique users.

In the long run, the project will improve the self-regulation of sports organizations to prevent discrimination and hate speech based on gender stereotypes, will increase the intolerance of athletes, professional athletes and other stakeholders to gender-based violence in sports.

Dear readers,

Welcome to the information event at the Neptune Hotel in Vidin, conference hall, on March 25 / Friday / from 11.00, where the project for the completed and upcoming activities will be presented.