The project “Fair play” addresses a problem that is not discussed in our country:
discrimination based on sex and gender identity and violence,
based on gender in sports. Measures to tackle grounded violence
gender in sport are an integral part of measures to deal with
violence against women and should cover both professional,
and non-professional sports activities at all ages and levels
as recommended by the International Working Group on
women and sports. The Brighton / Helsinki Declaration 2014 [2] calls for calls on governments, public institutions, sports organizations and all others related to sports, including themselves
athletes, to contribute to building a sports culture,
affirming gender equality and not allowing gender-based violence.
Sport is a field in which gender stereotypes play an important role
leads to frequent acts of gender-based violence. The latter most often manifests itself as offensive language or gestures, including sexual harassment, affecting more often girls / women, less often boys / men. Council of Europe Recommendation CM / Rec (2010) 9 requires the introduction of code of sports ethics from sports organizations at all levels, which includes protection from all forms of violence, including justified gender and sexual abuse. Prevention of this type of violence must be an integral part of the training of coaches and sports teachers. In our country, gender-based violence in sports has been insufficiently studied, but individual publications in sports media show unequivocally that gender stereotypes are one of the causes of insults and aggression in sports. Sporadic media scandals also reveal the presence of sexuality violence against women in sports. A quick overview of the Codes of Ethics
sports federations in our country shows that the prevention of violence, based on gender is not explicitly mentioned. After the rejection of The Istanbul Convention in 2018 by the Bulgarian government, speaking on the topic is deliberately avoided so as not to be associated with “Introduction of gender ideology”. Fair Play project aims to improve gender equality in sport and reduce it
the influence of offensive language based on gender stereotypes. The report from a study conducted within the project to assess the situation with regard to gender-based violence in sport in Bulgaria will be used as a basis for strategic development the communication campaign and advocacy for new policies.

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Доклад от изследване – Проучване сред спортисти – Честна игра