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This is a place where up-to-date information about the project, some progress, upcoming events and materials will appear.

The project does aim to improve gender equality and work to combat violence based on the field in sport, and main activities include rapid assessment of the situation through online research, strategic communication campaign development and advocacy for new policies. Actions are planned, as well as the dissemination of a Handbook with the Rules for the Prevention and Combating of Gender-Based Violence in Sport, training for sports journalists and an information campaign aimed at athletes. Part of these activities is and is provided on this website faiplay-project.eu, will present current news about the activities of the project and will store all the resources created by.

Gender-based violence is a rare topic of domestic violence. The project draws public attention to gender-based violence in sports, incl. sexual harassment and violence, which mainly affect girls / women. There is too little talk about this problem, on the one hand, because the prevention of violence in sports is registered mostly with “playing by the rules”, but not with the forms of harassment and violence that take place off the field. On the other hand, after the rejection of the ratification of the Istanbul Convention and addressed it widely negative campaign, the topic of sexual assault in sports became inconvenient and associated with the promotion of “gender ideology”. Therefore, we hope that the project will increase the readiness of athletes and sports organizations to talk about the problem, as well as to fight it. The sports journalists trained in the project will reduce the use of language, which normalizes gender-based violence in sports. Disseminate and approved with the help of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the National Sports Academy Rules for prevention and control of
Gender-based violence in sport will be implemented long-term after the end of the project by more and more sports organizations and sports teachers. The rules will be laid down in the Codes of Ethics of sports federations, and from there will enter the field clubs. All developed resources under the project will remain for free use on the project website and as a basis for future educational and advocacy initiatives.