Fair Play project is implemented by Aassociation BOKAYA in partnership with Foundation Resource Center Bilitis , funded by the ACTIVE CITIZENS FOUNDATION BULGARIA UNDER EEA FM 2014-2021 under thematic priority № 4: Increasing the contribution between civil society organizations for gender equality and the prevention of half -breed violence.

The main goal is to improve gender equality and take action to combat gender-based violence in sport.

The approach we have chosen to inform, activate and lead to a change in perceptions and behavior, to build an active citizenship to deal with this problem. It hopes that vulnerable people (discriminated against and victims of gender-based violence in sport) will be empowered to talk about the problem.

The aim is to introduce a standard of work (Rules for the Prevention of Gender-Based Violence in Sport), based on international good practices, established with the support of the team (Ministry of Youth and Sports and NSA) and promotion among all sports .

The long-term result of the project is the strengthening of the mechanisms for counteracting gender-based violence in sport, which lead to the strengthening of civil society.

The main activities that will be implemented in the implementation process are:

Rapid assessment of the situation through online research as a basis for developing a strategic communication campaign and advocating for new policies.
Creating and disseminating a Handbook of Rules for the Prevention and Combating of Gender-Based Violence in Sport.
Trainings for sports journalists (50 from all over the country) and information campaign aimed at athletes (5000), sports clubs (100+) and the general public (500000). The partners join forces to reach different audiences, incl. young people (over 80% of active athletes are young people), women from vulnerable groups (lesbians, bisexuals, transgender women – target group for whom the rights work Bilitis Foundation).
Special events are expected to attract more than 500 people directly, and a campaign on social networks to reach more than 50,000 universal users.

The focus of the project is added to creating a friendly environment, which is a long-term plan to improve the self-regulation of sports organizations to prevent discrimination and hate speech based on stereotypes, will increase intolerance of athletes, professional athletes and other stakeholders to violence. gender trait in sports.